Food Photography: Safran risotto

Here’s my second try at food photography. Although there is much to improve I love doing this. It’s real fun! (especially when you get to eat it 😉 ).

If you’re interested in taking basic photos of your food check out my post on cheap food photography HERE. Hope it helps 😉

Please comment and express your critics

Thank you


4 thoughts on “Food Photography: Safran risotto

  1. Hi, I’m also learning how to do food photography. Been reading tons of cook book and food photography book to get more inspiration while I’m taking pictures.

    Anyway, I think the shot already great.. Got nice focus on the dish, but IMHO the shape of the plate is a bit distracting..

    • Thanks a bunch for leaving your opinion. It means a lot to me 😀
      I don’t quite understand what you mean about the shape of the plate : is it the composition of the food or the plate it’s self? What would you suggest to make the shot better?
      BTW I’ve seen your work and admire it. Keep up posting food photos 😉

      • Ah sorry, just noticed that what I wrote about the plate didn’t make any sense.. LOL.. I mean the plate itself. Maybe if using the flat plate it would look cleaner. But I think it’s just a minor detail.

        Thanks for visiting my blog..

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