Skate Park paradise in Lausanne

Made by skateboarders and riders the “Bowl” is the major skate park in Lausanne. I was invited by a rider  friend to come and photograph one of the freestyle sessions…

I was just blown away by these kids. The stuff they do is absolutely amazing!

Being the first time I did this kind of photography I had many out of focused and blurry images. I made a selection of the best for you.

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"Bowl" de Vidy

"Bowl" de Vidy

"Bowl" de Vidy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

for this weeks photo challenge I went to the local market in Morges and dedicated myself to some street photography.

When taking people photos try to be natural. Say “Thank you” if they see you taking the shot and explain as often as possible what you’re going to do with the images. You can also ask people to pose. Some will be reluctant but most of them will cooperate.

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Morges, wednesday morning market

Morges, wednesday morning market

Morges, wednesday morning market

Visit my flickr stream to see more images at the market (click on a photo).

My friend’s cat

I was at a friends place today and he just happened to have a cat so I took some pictures of him with it… I can’t show you those but here are some with just the cat.

Shots taken with a 55-200mm, extended to 200 to blow out the background.

Thanks for passing by!

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Jeremy's Cat

Jeremy's Cat

Combine harvester and photo contest

I was ridding the bus a week ago and I happen to see this advert for a photo contest in my region. The theme was (translated) “Morges: city in harmony with the countryside”.

So yesterday I went out on my bike under the blazing midday sun (great idea…) to, hopefully, get some shots. The terrible light didn’t help at all and as I got more and more frustrated I finally decided to go home after two hours of sweating.

While heading back to the house I saw this combine harvesting the wheat… I literally jumped off the bicycle and ran through the field. I wanted to get as close as possible for the best shot.

Here are the results… two versions which one is best?

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Moissonneuse batteuse (couleur)

Moissonneuse batteuse (noir et blanc)